The Tradition

For over a decade now, we’ve been honoring people that matter, people we love, people who help shape our lives:  grandparents.


We invite you to join in the tradition by honoring your grandparent(s). As a Miami student, this is your chance to show your love and honor and nominate your grandparent(s) to receive an award of recognition at our annual Miami Grandparents of the Year ceremony.

Tell Your Story

There are two ways you can share your story with us. You can nominate your grandparent(s) by writing a short essay or by making a short video. Check out the “Tell Your Story” page for tools and tips on telling your tale. When you’re ready to submit your story, just head to our nomination page.

Honor Your Grandparents

Every grandparent nominated will be honored at our award ceremony on April 18th with a certificate of recognition and a Miami Grandparent pin–so tell grandma or grandpa to save the date!

We’ll also share some of the extraordinary stories and relationships at the event and give a few additional awards for those stories that truly stand out. So become a part of the tradition and tell your story today. Nominate your grandparent(s) for Miami’s Grandparents of the Year. The deadline for nominations is March 22.

Stay Connected

You can sign up to stay connected and receive important news related to the event: subscribe to get updates

And be sure to check out our blog where we’ll highlight important information about the event, share stories, and give you some tips on telling your story.


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