Quick Tips on Video Editing

Want to learn the basics of video editing? Watch this short video from Vimeo to get the basics.


Choosing a Camera

Not sure whether you want to use your phone, laptop, or a video camera to record your story? Check out this short video on Vimeo about choosing a camera:

Video: tips & tools

Vimeo has a great page dedicated to teaching people how to make great videos called Vimeo Video School.

You’ll find great resources there, especially if you’ve never made a video before.  We’ve posted one of the videos below from the lesson “Video 101”. This is a great resources to help you with the technicalities of capturing video. It provides 3 quick lessons to get you started in capturing your relationship with your grandparents.

Writing an Essay?

Here are a few quick tips and the things to know:

The deadline for to submit your essay is March 22 at 11:59pm.

When writing, aim for 2-4 pages single spaced.

Hit the highlights and really focus on your relationship with your grandparent(s). We’d love to hear about your grandparent’s life, but we really want to hear about your relationship with them and those transformational moments that have changed who you are.

And make sure you save your essay in .doc, .docx, or PDF format.

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